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If you’re ready to join the immune health revolution, to share with your communities a new era in superfood supplements and also drive recurring revenue for your brand, we can’t wait to welcome you as a soursop partner!

Who We Partner With

  • Health, wellness, and fitness influencers
  • Certified health professionals
  • Health and wellness product brands
  • Event Organizers
  • Lifestyle Influencers
  • Online affiliates

We work with a variety of individuals, brands, influencers and affiliates across the United States. We’re looking for passionate, health focused and community driven partners who believe in sharing innovative ways to be proactive with our health and taking care of our minds and bodies.

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If you are a health, wellness, lifestyle or fitness influencer, or health and wellness product brand please click the link below!


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If you are a certified health professional, an event organizer, or an online affiliate please click the link below!