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Driven by a deeply rooted passion for empowering people to feel their absolute best, Soursop Nutrition is committed to offering easy, innovative and enjoyable ways for you to step into your body’s natural ability to be and stay healthy. And it starts with Soursop, the exotic superfruit that boasts multi-faceted health benefits that boost your immune system and your body's natural ability to protect against disease and illness.

soursop fun facts

In the Caribbean, soursop is known as graviola or prickly custard apple, in the Seychelles it’s called korosol and in Latin America it’s called guanábana.

The leaves of the soursop plant smell just like the creamy white flesh of the fruit and can be used in smoothies, soups and other nutritious recipes.

Soursop is rich in magnesium, potassium and vitamin C and D, as well being a potent antioxidant that boosts immune health and scavenges for free radicals.

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founded on the unwavering passion for optimal health and wellness

Our story begins with our founders, Amy, an entrepreneur, and her husband Jim, a physician, and their dedication to nurturing life-long overall health and wellness for all through holistic and natural defenses. Enter scene: a superfruit with superpowers that has changed their lives and will change yours too.

our 'sop story

After pioneering the world's first cauliflower pizza crust, Amy Lacey and her award-winning team are at it again launching the world's first soursop gummy. Obsessed with nurturing her own body through holistic and natural methods, Amy recognized that her own optimal wellbeing and defense against illness and disease started with the food she consumed. But that was simply not enough, especially when it was still missing key and core nutrients needed for her body's natural defenses.
In her quest for enhanced immunity, Amy, through thorough supplement and food-as-medicine research, unearthed the remarkable healing properties of Soursop, a rare and exotic fruit with truly unparalleled superpowers. Incorporating it into her daily routine yielded immediate and incredible results, influencing even those who had previously embraced holistic or traditional medicine, making Soursop the key to the ultimate wellness that Amy had sought.
Fueled by the incredibly positive impact on her own health, Amy is now dedicated to making Soursop's benefits accessible to all through the world's FIRST EVER Soursop gummy, championing the cause of fortifying our immune systems. Join us at Soursop Nutrition as we welcome the next era of self-care through optimal immunity and ultimate wellness.
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