soursop nutrition partner guidelines

Below are important guidelines and requirements our Brand Ambassadors must follow when creating a Soursop Nutrition post. If you have any questions about your Soursop Nutrition post, please reach out to

What is a Soursop Nutrition Post?

A "Soursop Nutrition Post” means any social media post that:

  1. Uses text, imagery, or other means to promote or create a positive impression of Soursop Nutrition products; and
  2. The post was placed by a person or entity with a “material connection to Soursop Nutrition”.

A “material connection to Soursop Nutrition” means:

  • Soursop Nutrition has compensated the person or entity to place the post.
  • Soursop Nutrition has provided the person or entity free gift(s), free product(s), discount(s), the opportunity to be featured in advertising, or any other gift or benefit of value to place the post.
  • The person or entity placed a post about Soursop Nutrition products without receiving any payment or incentive from Soursop Nutrition in advance, but the person or entity may receive compensation or some other benefit (e.g., commission) in the future as a result of the post.


  • Any post that includes your Soursop Nutrition Promo Code is considered a Soursop Nutrition post and must comply with these guidelines.
  • These guidelines apply to Soursop Nutrition Posts on all social media platforms, including (but not limited to) Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.

What content must appear in Soursop Nutrition Posts?

  • All Soursop Nutrition Posts must include #soursoppartner#sopstories #soursopnutrition in the caption.
  • All Soursop Nutrition must disclose their “material connection to Soursop Nutrition” as required by FTC and other regulatory guidance. Please be familiar with the FTC’s disclosure requirements for social media influencers before creating a Soursop Nutrition Post.

Helpful Tips...

  • Include #ad, #paid or #sponsored in the caption.
  • Place this hashtag where it’s hard to miss.
  • This hashtag must appear before any link to expand the caption text.
  • This hashtag must not be mixed into a group of hashtags or links.
  • If your post includes a video or live chat, you must include material connection disclosure verbally during the video or chat AND in the caption text.
  • Make sure that your disclosure is still visible if you have reposted or shared your Soursop Nutrition Post to a different social media platform

What content may appear in Soursop Nutrition Posts?

Claims attributed to the ingredients as further provided in the Talking Points or appearing on the Soursop Nutrition website ( Please review the Talking Points and website often for the latest information!

What content is prohibited in Soursop Nutrition Posts?

  • Soursop Nutrition Posts must avoid stating or suggesting (through images or other means) that any Soursop Nutrition product is intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease, illness or medical condition, including (but not limited to) diabetes, obesity, cancer, IBS, anxiety disorder, depression, COVID-19, etc. Even if you truly believe that taking Soursop Nutrition products helped you treat, prevent, or cure a disease, illness or medical condition, you cannot say this in a Soursop Nutrition Post. It is important that your followers understand that Soursop Nutrition products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts must make it clear that any of the health or wellness benefits of Soursop Nutrition Products, as further provided in the Talking Points or appearing on the Soursop Nutrition website (, are derived from the specific ingredients in Soursop Nutrition Products and not the Soursop Nutrition Products themselves.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts must reflect, to the best of Soursop Nutrition’s knowledge, the honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences of the person or entity posting and may not contain any statements or representations about Soursop Nutrition products that are untrue, misleading or deceptive.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts may not infringe the copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights of any person or entity. For example, if your post compares a Soursop Nutrition product to another product or products, do not mention the other brand(s) by name, and do not show logos or trademarks of other brand(s) in your photos or videos.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts may not contain any personally identifiable information (such as, but not limited to, license plate numbers, email addresses, or street addresses) of any person unless you have obtained express, written authorization from the person whose information it is.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts may not defame, misrepresent, or falsely disparage other people, companies, or products.
  • Soursop Nutrition Posts may not otherwise violate any law.

Don’t forget...

If you have any questions regarding anything contained in these Guidelines or regarding any of the approved benefits provided in the Talking Points or appearing on the Soursop Nutrition website, please do not hesitate to reach out at Our Brand Ambassadors are part of the #SoursopFam, and we’re here to help you succeed!