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Soursop Affiliate Program

Soursop Nutrition by BeMe is a health and wellness brand committed to helping people age powerfully and feel strong, confident and healthy! Our expertly crafted line of Soursop supplements are formulated to target the root cause of cellular imbalance by helping to lower blood sugars, fight inflammation and promote optimal gut health. Haven't heard of Soursop? It's the super fruit with superpowers!

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How it works:

Soursop nutrition is on a mission to give 2 million in commission!
51% commission on our three pack of gummies.
20% commission on all other products.
Get a unique coupon code so your community can get 20% off this or any bundle.

We will keep giving this high commission until we reach 2 million in payouts!

We provide marketing materials to help you promote (images, swipe copy) and retargeting ads to get your community back to the site.

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Commission details:

As a Sop Partner, you will get 20% commission on all products unless otherwise stated in a special promotion. Special promotions may offer commission rates that are a limited time only.

Details on the 3-Pack Bundle 51% commission.
This means if you sell one 3-pack at 20% off your commission will be $42.78
10 3-Packs sold: $427.79
100 3-Packs sold: $4,277.88
500 3-Packs sold: $21,389.4
1,000 3-Packs sold: $42,778.8

Upon signing up, you will receive a 20% off coupon code to share with your community (valid for orders $50 and up - Coupon codes not valid on subscriptions.