Soursop Nutrition Gummy Supplement Immunity Boosting Superfruit

crafting the perfect post

when should I post?

It’s important to
know when to capture your
audience’s attention. Instagram’s
users are most active between
12pm to 1pm Monday to Friday.

set the scene

Create an engaging photo.
Authenticity is key! Refer to
the Talking Points and Brand
Ambassador Guidelines for
important tips, especially if you’re
comparing Soursop Nutrition™️ products to another product.


Your words matter. Please check
our Talking Points for approved
benefit claims and do not make
any benefit claims that have
not been approved. And always
remember to use #soursopnutritionpartner
and your promo code!

check your work

Check over your work.
Make sure you added all the
necessary information - most
importantly your promo code
- and your post complies with
FTC disclosure requirements
for influencers.

Rules to follow for all Soursop Nutrition™️ Posts:

Do be honest, authentic and positive!

Do include an engaging photo or video with your Soursop Nutrition™️ post!

Do check the Soursop Nutrition™️ Talking Points and website often for the latest approved claims about the health and
wellness benefits of the ingredients in Soursop Nutrition™️ products, and make sure to stick to those approved claims in
all your Soursop Nutrition™️ posts!

Do refer to the specific ingredients whenever posting about the health and wellness benefits of Soursop Nutrition™️ products!

Do promptly respond to your followers who have questions about Soursop Nutrition™️ products!

Do contact to get your post approved or if you’re unsure about what you should or
shouldn’t say in a Soursop Nutrition™️ post!

Don’t forget to include the required hashtags!
#soursopnutritionpartner AND #Sponsored OR #Ad OR #Paid

Don’t forget to follow the FTC’s Disclosure Requirements for Social Media Influencers!

Don’t forget to include your Promo Code!

Don’t make claims about the health or wellness benefits of Soursop Nutrition™️ products without making it clear that the benefits come from the specific ingredient(s)!

Don’t talk about any health or wellness benefits (even if real!) that are not approved in the latest Talking Points or found on!

Don’t include labels, logos or names of competing products in comparison posts!

Don’t disparage other brands!